jill mcintyre

I try to make art that reveals the mystery of the world around us and celebrates the magic of daily life. I am drawn to the beauty of the night. 

I grew up in Schenectady, New York where I received the first feedback on my art. My fourth grade art teacher told my mom that I had no creative talent and I believed her. Art wasn’t a force in my life until I hit junior high school. There, another art teacher opened up my eyes and heart. From then on, they remained wide open and making art became a thing I knew I was supposed to do. In my heart I knew I was an artist, but a love of science and a yearning for practicality lead me to pursue a degree in nurse midwifery. When it became apparent that I enjoyed making drawings in my nursing notebooks much more than learning to give shots, I abandoned that path. My next step in higher education was finally a heartfelt one and I received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Colorado in 1979. It was there that I discovered my own style. Upon graduation, I was awarded the first solo undergraduate exhibition. 

I have shown my work in a variety of settings including, The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Robischon Gallery, Denver, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon, The Denver Art Museum Biennial Exhibition, Boulder Public Library and The Dairy Center for the Arts. I am currently represented by Gallery Leonardo in Leadville, (yes Leadville) Colorado. 
  Art Resume in PDF format
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